Magnetic self-adhesive sheets - with highly durable acrylic adhesive

Flexible magnetic film based on synthetic rubber containing magnetic particles. The magnetic film is coated on one side with a durable IFP390 self-adhesive tape with acrylic adhesive. The IFP390 adhesive tape is a clear tape with a strong polyester carrier and a modified acrylic adhesive. Highly durable, UV stable and with excellent temperature resistance. The tape for the highest loads. Suitable for application to most smooth surfaces, plastics, glass, laminate and painted materials. On request, we will cut the film to the exact dimensions or cut to the required shapes. It can also be produced in other format sizes or with any type of adhesive layer. More information on request. The adhesive force depends on the thickness of the film - thicker magnetizes more.

23.48 excl. VAT
28.41 incl. VAT

Magnetic self-adhesive sheets - with highly resistant acrylic adhesive IFP390

We will format the foil exactly to the required dimensions.

Thickness magnet
Thickness better layers
Total thickness
Price excl. VAT
Price incl. VAT
580x1000 mm
0.7 mm
0.2 mm
0.9 mm
€ 23.48
€ 28.41
In stock
580x1000 mm
1.0 mm
0.2 mm
1.2 mm
€ 27.13
€ 32.82
In stock
580x1000 mm
1.5 mm
0.2 mm
1.7 mm
€ 32.59
€ 39.44
In stock
580x1000 mm
2.0 mm
0.2 mm
2.2 mm
€ 0.00
€ 0.00
On request
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